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We’re working with nature to provide Australians with pure, clean water every day of the year in urban, industrial and rural environs

Australians have a history of maximising water resources perhaps more than any other continent on the planet.

And, the need to conserve this precious resource is more important than ever before.

Our classic corrugated tank profiles retain the traditional air of vintage Australian tanks whilst affording the peace of mind which comes with low maintenance, ultrasound tested and UV stabilised food grade polyethylene construction.

Tankpoly tanks have thicker walls towards the base for added strength and with no centrepole, there’s no need to climb into the tank during installation. Each tank is available in a range of colours and supplied ready to install with mosquito-proof mesh leaf strainer, overflow, light shield, brass outlet and brass valve.

A family business with over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we Warranty every tank for ten years.

Join hundreds of thousands of other Australians and put polyethylene technology to work for you today.